Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exam MB2-868: CRM 2011 Applications Preparation tips

I got certified in Applications last week, and now completed all 3 certification exams for crm 2011. I was most confident in Applications and Customization (866) exam, as I have been working on crm 2011 for some time now. There are a few resources that you can use to prepare like classroom training and e-learning(which I used). Along with the study material, the best thing is to either get a 30 day free trail or install crm on a server and try it out!

The exams themselves are well organized. If you have used crm 4.0, try to focus on the delta (what is different from earlier version). I think it gave me a good understanding of the new features. Goal management is something I have brushed past many times before, and it is now one of my favorite new features in crm 2011!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you take the exam. They are not an exhaustive list by any means, and it has been a little more than a week since my exam.

Managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation Applications (27 percent)
Core records that can be used to create marketing list
Questions about Dynamic and static marketing lists - how to create them, and how the lists are affected by changes to underlying records
Detials of how to add/ remove members to a marketing list
Campaign activities - Think about when they are "activated", and who can own them
When to use quick campaigns, and the features of quick campaigns
Components of a Campaign.
Different ways to create campaign responses

Managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Applications (30 percent)
Components of a sales cycle
Questions about product catalog - unit groups, price list etc
Details of outlook integration with the records
Goals and goal metrics - what type of information in available where
Fiscal settings in goals
when to use reports vs views

Managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Management Applications (24 percent)
Filling out a case form
Various options for creating recurring appointment
Questions about modifying Contact templates and Knowledge Base templates - what can be copied.
Questions about queue item details.
What kinds of reports are available, and how data is reported using horizontal and vertical grouping

Managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Scheduling Applications (19 percent)
Setting up work hours/ modifying work hours
Capacity scheduling - questions about how a boss can manage multiple folks, and how to set it up
Question about what is available in outlook along with crm
Different ways to display scheduling conflicts

Thanks to Neil Benson and Richard Knudson for their write on up the Installation and Customization exam.




  1. Where can I get the e-learning resources? From MS's elearning site?

  2. Hi Alan,
    You are right, I got the learning materials from MS's elearning site. All the best!