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CRM 2011 UR9: Cross browser compatibility known issues

Here is a compilation of the known issues  from the readme, regarding the cross browser functionality available in the latest Update Rollup R9 CPT build. More details about the beta build and how to access it is available on the MSDN blog.

I would also suggest this write up by Scott Sewell where he talks about some of the best practices to follow to try avoiding breaking your code!

Bug #
Bug Title
            More Details and/or Workaround
 Mac Safari(5.0.5) functional: Clicking on Templates for Data Import is throwing a script error
 Clicking on Templates for Data Import is throwing a script error.
           This bug is specific to Safari 5.0.x on. Instead, use Safari 5.1.x on Mac 
           Lion or Leopard.            
 FF/Chrome/Safari : Get CRM for Outlook notification bar being displayed when CRM is installed for Outlook
 Get CRM for Outlook notification bar is displayed when CRM is installed for    Outlook
           Ignore the CRM for Outlook notification, or close the CRM for Outlook
           notification window
Client API - Chrome, FireFox, Safari Xrm.Page.ui.getCurrentControl returns null when control in form has focus
          Issue is with Client API that returns the control that has focus. In non-
          Internet Explorer, when an action is invoked form the ribbon, the 
          focus is   not on any element, hence the API returns null whereas in 
          Internet   Explorer , the focus remains even when action is invoked 
          from ribbon,   hence API returns the control.
iPad - Functional -  Close a form without saving , after changing values on the form does not ask for confirmation
If you close a form window in iPad without saving the details, the  changes may be lost without giving any explicit warning to the user
          Ensure that changes are saved before exiting from the form window
Wizard: BulkDeleteWizard:  In Internet Explorer it the wizard deforms the layout when resized
In Internet Explorer, Launching the Bulk Delete Wizard and trying to resize it horizontally, distorts the layout

Layout becomes broken if to expand Notes and/or Comments tab on Article Details Form
Layout is broken when Notes and Comments Tab on Article Details form are expanded in Internet Explorer
          Try to use higher version of Internet Explorer, (8 or 9), Internet   
          Explorer 7 seems to have this issue
Ipad-Cannot open Audit record detail on ipad.
For an entity with auditing enabled, you cannot see the audit record for that entity in iPAd
          Use desktop supported browser
Firefox - Functional: New Contract form opens minimized,
In Firefox, when a new contract is created, the contract form opens up but the focus in not on the form, it remains on the grid.
           User has to alt tab to see the contract form
Mac safari Lion OS: issue in page access
In Mac Lion/Safari, try to delete a record in activitites grid, and click on delete to remove the record. When we click on delete, a new tab open which covers the entire screen
When we click on OK, even the activities screen vanishes.
Activities screen exits but minimized because safari is opened in full screen.
          MAC Lion Safari's inherent behavior is to open popups in full screen if  
          Safari was initially opened in full screen.

          Workaround is to open Safari in normal mode and dock to occupy full   
          screen. In this case all modal dialogs open in their intended size and 
          the   behavior is seamless as in other browsers.
Safari Functional: Not able to accept Terms or Service
In Safari, when you try to signup and enter live-id, and click on accept terms, there is a image character (captcha) that needs to be entered, System does not accept the entered character
          This bug is seen only when time on client machine is wrong. For  
          instance, we set timezone, e.g. London, after that we increase hours 
          from   2:33 pm to 4:33 pm. In this case we will face this issue. Bug 
          doesn't surface  for different timezones with correct time. This 
          behavior is by design.
Chrome Layout: Dashboard scrollbar is appearing on wrong side
In Chrome on Windows, Arabic language environment, when you click on any dashboard the Scrollbar is appearing on the right side of dashboard instead of left side
          This is a known issue with the Chrome browser that it doesn't show 
          scrollbar on the left if the direction attribute is set to rtl.
FireFox 11 and Chrome 17.0.963.79 m> Twitter , Google, Facebook do not render in Dashboard IFrame component
In Firefox and Chrome, when you try to add a iframe component in a dashboard and add a website like into that iFrame, the iframe component does not render.
           There is an attribute "X-Frame-Option" = "deny" which a website can
          use, so that these websites cannot be rendered inside an iframe.

          Different browsers handle it differently:
           1) Internet Explorer gives a security warning and link to open in new  
           window 2)  Firefox will just show the empty page
<Safari on iPad> - Download log file option available on Safari
Dowload log file is clickable on Safari on iPad, whereas it should be blocked because all file operation related actions/buttons are disabled in iPad

<Chrome | Firefox> - New User dialog modal inconsistent
When user tries to click on any action that opens a modal dialog, (for instance
Settings -> Administration -> Users -> New
This opens up a new dialog., supposed to be modal in nature)

In Chrome, user is allowed to go back to the other browser window where Users are listed.
In Firefox and Internet Explorer, user is not allowed to go back to the other browser window where Users are listed.
           Chrome does not support Modal dialogs.
<Safari  on Mac Os X 10.7.3> cannot export to Excel
On Safari 5.1.x on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, when user tried to export to excel (for instance,
Go to Opportunities Grid
Click on Export to Excel
Select 'static worksheet'
Click on Export)

The export function does not work
           Issue does not surface on Mac Leopard.
Firefox/Chrome : Login prompt keeps popping up on accessing dogfood
If you have ADFS deployed and are trying to use IFD, and you are using a Firefox or Chrome browser, you may encounter an issue where you are repeatedly prompted to sign in.
           Add/update a registry key at   
          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA] of  
          Name  SuppressExtendedProtection. Type REG_DWORD and data  
          value 1.

          With this key set, Chrome allows automatic sign in, and Firefox asks   
          for credentials up to two times.
Accessibility: Multimodal Support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM grids
Alternative text is not displayed for images that do not load on Safari and Chrome browsers.
          These are known issues in Safari and Chrome.

           In Chrome, it will show the alt text only if the text can be shown in  
          the size of image area.
          This is not supported on Safari.
Tracking iOS Safari bug: In few cases of nested dialogs on iPad focus shifts to the parent window instead of the immediate parent
IOS safari bug where focus is shifted to a parent window instead of the immediate parent window. This happens only in case where a nested dialog closes itself after opening the second nested dialog.
Scenarios impacted:
·         Marketing -> Marketing Lists -> Open Record -> Manage Members
·         Marketing -> Marketing List -> Select Record -> Add to Campaign
·         Marketing -> Marketing List -> Select Record -> Copy Marketing List
·         Sales -> Accounts -> Select an Account -> Run Workflow

Behavior of these scenarios is the focus shifts to the parent tab instead of the Dialog tab.
         The following links have details on the Safari bug that causes this  
          issue, and a related discussion thread.

           The workaround is to click the Dialog tab.
iPad: Not able to create custom chart when iPad is in Horizontal view
Not able to create new chart in horizontal view (portrait orientation) as partial Chart designer is visible.
            The workaround is to change the orientation to vertical.
Firefox: Main menu's close button is not working
File Menu -> Close does not close CRM window in Firefox.
window.close( ) is simply not supported by Firefox (and also Chrome).

           Close the browser window or tab directly.

There is a related bug discussion here:
Firefox: The Copy a Link button not working
When you select a record in an entity list, and then click the Copy a Link button, the link is not added to the clipboard.
            This is blocked for all non-Internet Explorer browsers.
<Safari  on Mac Os X 10.7.3> grid does not refresh on ribbon actions
When you select any record in a list for record types that have a ribbon, and then perform an action on the ribbon, the grid does not refresh.
           This is a bug that is happening only on Safari 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and Mac Lion.      
          It works on earlier versions of Safari (5.1.3 and below) and MAc Lion 
          and on    Safari/Leopard Mac.

          This issue is due to a known bug in Safari/Mac Lion documented here   
<Safari  on Mac Os X 10.7.3> form modal dialog action on note does not refresh form.
Note section does not get refreshed when a note is deleted for an existing account from a form menu.
Note does get deleted though.
This is a bug on Safari 5.1.4, 5.1.5 and Mac Lion only. It works on earlier versions of Safari (5.1.3 and below) and MAc Lion and on Safari/Leopard Mac.

          This issue is due to a known bug in Safari/Mac Lion documented here   
Firefox : multiple click on lookup button leads to opening of multiple look ups one after the other
Multiple clicks on lookup button leads to opening of multiple lookups in Firefox.
This is how Firefox handles modal dialogs.
          Avoid multiple clicks on the lookup button.
Dialog: Firefox - "Finish" button not working for dialogs.
When a dialog is launched directly using the URL (instead of initiating dialog from the application), clicking the Finish button to finish the dialog prompt will not close the dialog window.
          Avoid launching a dialog from the URL directly. Instead launch the  
          dialog from within the application or from a javascript code.

         This is a known Firefox issue and more information on this is available
         at this link
Japanese file name of Download Template for Import is corrupted when using Safari.
Japanese file name is corrupted in Safari after the Download template for Import is saved.
This is an issue with Safari interpreting encoded strings correctly.

More details are in the discussion here:
SharePoint and Chrome: Unable to load document grid in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
Client machine and SharePoint site are on a different domain and client machine requires authentication to connect to SharePoint site.

Chrome blocks the basic http authentication pop-up for cross-domain Iframes as described in
Hence, you cannot authenticate with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site and the document grid doesn’t load.

           1) Open a separate Chrome tab and open the SharePoint site there.        
          Chrome will now show the credential dialog and you can enter the   
          2) After the first step, open the CRM form again, navigate to the  
          document associated tab and open the SharePoint site. Site will be  
          rendered in the document grid.
SharePoint and Firefox/Chrome/Safari:
Error message that occurs when no document is associated with the entity and user tries to associate in non-Internet Explorer browsers.

If you get the following message:

“The folder could not be created. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM List component on the SharePoint site might be an earlier version. Contact a system administrator to install a later version of the List component.”
         1) Install the new list component on the SharePoint site.
         2) Create a folder on the SharePoint site and add the location of this  
         folder in the document grid.

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