Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts on Convergence 2014 Day 1 - Part II

In the first part of this series, I talked a little bit about how the Dynamics Business suite fits into Microsoft's overarching plan of delivering innovation to the customer, and also discussed some details on the Dynamics CRM roadmap specifically with the Spring and Autumn updates. One constant theme of Day 1 of Convergence 2014 was on products delivering amazing customer experience regardless of the channel they use.

In this post, the focus will be on the upcoming enhancements to the Marketing suite through the Spring Update of Dynamics CRM.

Smarter Marketing: 

One of the biggest challenges that marketers have is that they have to use multiple tools to market to the customers. Learning and effectively integrating the multiple applications dilutes the productivity of marketers and fragments the user experience. The goal with Marketing Pilot's acquisition was to provide one single, seamless interface to engage and communicate with the customer.

Customer Engagement:

A good marketing application creates the best initial contact, which means that there is true customer engagement with the right need at the right time. It also leads to selling more effectively with the goal of turning customers into brand loyalists. Note that in the screenshot below the top ribbon contains the list of actions that the marketer can perform which helps  plan for the best engagement with the customer

Ease of Use:

Campaigns can be quickly created or modified using a simple campaign process flow. The user has drag and drop ability to add campaigns types to existing campaign based on pre-configured templates like a social media campaign. Lead scoring can also be assigned based on campaign feedback using the declarative interface.

Measuring Effectiveness:

One of the most critical needs for any marketer is to figure out the success or failure of a particular campaign with respect to the amount spent on the said campaign. In the screen shot below, the campaign performance by the money spent and the ROI for the campaign is displayed, which can be further broken down by Location or Opportunity Pipeline

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