Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dynamics CRM 2013 - Service Management - Part I

If you are on a Dynamics CRM online subscription, you would have noticed the option to install the latest Spring Release 2014 Update (here are some details on the Spring Wave Training Blitz that is available as a recording for CRM partners). There are quite a few features and improvements in the latest version, but the focus of this post is going to be the enhancements around Service Management and my views on the new features.

A new ribbon item in the Settings section called "Service Management" is now available in the Online version of Dynamics (as of May 27th, the on-premise version has not been released). The Case Settings section contains details of the Case creation and routing capabilities available. Note that while both the case creation and routing can be done using Dynamics CRM workflows, this provides a way to categorize and organize Case specific rules, especially when it comes to routing.

Case Creation:
Lets now walk through a simple use case to automatically create a case when a email is received by Dynamics CRM and added to a specific queue.

Create a new Case creation rule and provide a name, source type (Email in this case) and the queue name.

Select the criteria that will trigger the new case to be created. Once the record is saved, the Specify Case Details section is available. Click New to add a new Case Creation Rule item.

Note that the Condition section is your typical advanced find, and in this scenario I have selected the emails that match a priority of "High". The Case properties section lets you define the details of the new case created. In this example, I am setting the case title and the priority and a Customer. Save the Rule Item and don't forget to activate the Case Creation Rule and test it to make sure it works!

Final Thoughts:
While the Case Creation is a nifty addition to the feature set of Dynamics CRM, there are areas of improvement that would help increase its efficacy. Here are a few items that might need some work:

  1. The Source Type is limited to Email and Social Monitoring. I can easily see scenarios where an incoming phone call, existing task or for that matter any custom activity needs to be converted to a case based on the queue it is in.
  2. While setting the Case Properties in the Rule Item screen, the values for the Case seems static - for example, if I want to set a value for the Case Title, I could not set it to a parameter value like in a workflow
In the second part of this series, I will take a look at the Routing Rules that can be set as part of the Service Management setting. Thanks for reading!

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